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Schulman Lobel Partners With #GiveHealthy For 2020 Holiday Food Drive

December 1, 2020

As the 2020 Holiday season arrives, Schulman Lobel has partnered with #GiveHealthy, an organization that provides an easy way for people to donate fresh fruits and vegetables so that people struggling with hunger and health issues, get the food they really need.

During the holiday months, Schulman Lobel partners and staff are donating to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank (CA), the Food Bank Network of Somerset County (NJ), and City Harvest (NY) to create a large-spread positive impact and to help our local communities.

Brought to life in January 2017 by founding partners Wholesome Wave, FoodTank, WhyHunger, Ashley Koff Approved, and Amp Your Good, the #GiveHealthy movement was developed to change the way the U.S. gives back to food drives. The movement enables people across the nation to donate fresh fruits, vegetables, and a variety of other healthy foods to the people who are facing hunger and various health issues. #GiveHealthy acts as a common cause to bring all organizations together “to achieve a measurable goal: that people donate more healthy food to food drives in a simple, safe and environmentally friendly way.

Our Charitable Initiatives Committee focuses on giving back to communities locally and nationally to make a positive impact, both socially and environmentally.